Things I Learned from a Dog

There’s a miracle to be found in every tuft of grass

If it’s wet, swim in it.

If it has petals, roll in it.

If it loves you, cuddle it every five minutes.

If it doesn’t love you, cuddle it anyway.


If it growls, don’t bother growling back. There are miracles to be hunted for in the grass and flowers, but none to be found in aggressors.

If you need love, expose your softest underbelly.

All you need in this life is an old scruffy ball and a companion.

There’s not a damn thing in this world that can’t be soothed by a long walk.

Fuck canine peer pressure. Just because you’re a dog, doesn’t mean you can’t moo like a cow. Be who you seem to be and nothing else.

Convention is for pussies, and by that, I mean cats. Ever heard a cat moo? Precisely.

You might be the smallest dog on the street, but you’re still badass enough to bark at the sea. Courage is built from spirit, not size.

If you have to choose between dignity and whimsicalness, choose whimsicalness.

Always follow your nose. It might make the journey home last longer, but it’ll also make it spectacular.

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