About that Word “Fuckboy”

The word ‘slut’ has taken on a whole ‘nother kind of power. We’ve reclaimed it, and quite successfully at that. Slut Walks, new dictionary definitions, reinvented views about sex-positive lifestyles… we’ve done it all, and now that word’s ours. “Slut” is not an accusation anymore, it’s a compliment.

Women are now allowed to have as many sex partners as they like, with whomever they like, however they like because we’ve revolutionised the way we see sexuality.

Well… until last year when we decided we should regress by inventing a new word to represent what ‘slut’ used to mean: Fuckboy


Vanity Fair’s definition of a fuckboy is, “a womanizer, an especially callous one, as well as kind of a loser.”

It’s not the right definition. Its original meaning had nothing to do with womanising or sex, but we’ve reinvented it because shaming people about their sexuality worked so well for Catholicism and the “hysterical” women of the past who were lobotomised for having libidos.

If we successfully degrade men for having sex precisely as they want to within the confines of consent, who are we straight sluts meant to be slutty with? Is there some kind of conspiracy in which men and women aren’t allowed to be sexually free at the same time?

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