Let Him Go

Variation of “Certain days” by E.E.

If he doesn’t love the you at sunrise when you have smudged-mascara-eyes and a knot of unbrushed hair, let him go. If he doesn’t love the dimple on your left cheek that only shows when you laugh just so, let him go. If his heart doesn’t lurch up into his chest when he sees you in the red dress with the sheer fabric, someone else will. Be selfish. Let him go.

If he doesn’t hold you like a rare diamond every day, and not just on certain days, let him go. Somebody else is praying for that. You are precious. You are a fairy-tale. You deserve someone who treats you like a magnum opus.


If he’s stopped telling you the truth because excuses quiet your voice faster, let him go. Honesty is the bare minimum we must offer the world, so if you can no longer separate fact from fiction when he speaks, let him go. The kind of man who deserves your trust will stay away even while your voice soothes his darkest nightmares because he respects your relationship, so if he doesn’t feel his blood rise to his chest at the sight of you, free yourself for one who will. Let him go.

If the kinks in your humid-day-hair and the break in your post-tears-voice don’t make him melt into a pool of affection, let him go. Someone else will kill for that. Being with a man who only loves you on certain days is one of the harshest ways to exist in the world. Let him go. Staying with a man who makes you doubt your value is one of the cruellest things you can do to yourself. Be selfish. Let him go. Someone who tears up at the sight of you falling asleep, someone whose word stands for something, is waiting to make you his everything.

If his voice doesn’t break when he tells you he loves you, let him go. He’s holding you back from a man who will believe you’re the seventh wonder of the world. If his heart doesn’t shatter at the thought of losing you, let him go. If he treats you as though you can be replaced, let him go. If he believes your submission can be bought without compassion, let him go. You deserve love. We all do. If he makes you feel inferior, let him go. The kind of man who loves utterly and with integrity is aching to be with someone exactly like you. If that is not him, let him go.

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