Your First Munch. Oh! The Terror!

The way most of us rail and rant about whether or not to go to our first munch or play party, you’d think we were deciding how to invest a million in stocks. I started with a party, and I expected to walk into a mansion filled with gorgeous nekked people wearing glitzy masks and fucking in a thousand kinky ways. I was terrified because I wasn’t sure orgies were on my bucket list.

I figured a munch would be a table of people wearing kitty ears and buttplugs. All the advanced kinky people let their asses hang out of their leather miniskirts in public places. It’s true.

Or maybe not.


The party was at an ordinary house in an ordinary suburb, and it was filled with ordinary people having not-so-ordinary conversations. It was like a vanilla party (shock, horror), except with discussions that were on sexy steroids. I located the smokers’ corner and struggled to leave the entire night. There were scenes, of course, but when there are such interesting things being spoken about around the outside table, who has time to watch some dude whipping a sub? Not me.

As for the munch, it was an ordinary table of ordinary people at an ordinary restaurant. They were all fully dressed in ordinary clothes. Incredible. The kink community just isn’t scary, and I’ll tell you why: because kinky people are open minded. They’re accepting of differences, so any nervousness you have walking in the door is bound to be diffused in a matter of minutes.

If you go to a party or a munch, you will almost certainly meet Your People. Kinksters have a lot of depth, so you will almost certainly find fast friends. They will nag you to leave that asshole until you do, and they’ll catch your tears after that. Then they’ll show up with cupcakes and movies. I’ve found them to be wildly loyal. My family is largely dead and buried, but in the space of seven months, I’ve found a new one. I first got to know them at kink events.

Go to an event. I swear it’s not as intimidating as you think. Now where do I find that mansion filled with gorgeous nekked people wearing masks and fucking in a thousand kinky ways?

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