Diary of a Fetlife Dom Hunt

Sign Up Day

Goal: Find dom before day’s end.

Shit, I really need to get laid today. My profile description could have been written by Shakespeare so this will definitely work. I wonder if leaving five hours between my waxing appointment and 8 pm will be long enough for the redness to disappear. Oh, hell, who the fuck cares—my date probably won’t. I have an hour to spare before my beautician appointment. That’s tons of time to pick a hot dom from these 1600 locals.

Day Two

I can’t expect every man to be Joaquin Phoenix. I mean, how many locals can there be who can tie a knot and pay for their own dinners? At least now I can get my hair done before my first Fetlife date. Now who’s the lucky guy going to be?


Day Three

Maybe I should change my avatar to a picture of my left nipple. That’ll do the trick.

Day Three

Fine, so 10% of the doms on this site are assholes, but that leaves me with hundreds of smart, sexy men to choose from. Three days without sex is hardly intolerable. As long as it doesn’t extend to next week I’ll be fine.

Day Four

Hitachis were invented for a reason.

Day Seven

I’ll get past all these sock puppet profiles eventually. Then I’ll hit the jackpot. I wonder if I should go get a new dress. I’m going to look hot as all hell by the time I find a date. As The Rolling Stones said, you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need. And the gods of BDSM clearly think I need a week’s break from sex.

Day 10

New goal: Find a dom before I need a fresh wax.

Day 14

You have to get to know people on a platonic level before you can expect to play with them. This guy makes me feel dizzy, so as long as he leaves his current sub, we’ll be off to a good start.

Day 20

I was always the poly type. I just didn’t know it. Goodbye monogamy. Hello new dom.

Day 25

Did he seriously just tell me he wants TPE CNC before we’ve even met? Back to the drawing board. I wonder if I should get a new wax today or wait a few days.

Day 27

Note to self: Buy a new Hitachi.

Day 30

Maybe I’m actually heteroflexible. I’ve already gone through all the male dominants in my city, so I don’t exactly have a choice.

Day 63

Will travel for sex.

Day 70

What if I try domming?

Day 80

Okay, fine, what if I try one of these vanilla guys?

Day 82

Vanilla women?

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