Yes, Sir, No, Sir, Three Bags Full of Fuck You, Sir

I’m a relatively hardcore masochist. It takes a lot to make me cry from pain. Screams? Well… you might get a ‘squee’ out of me, but if you want serious audio, you’re going to have to work for it because I’m no actress. The only thing you’ll ever get out of me is ‘real’, and I’m real good at taking pain.

I’m obedient when it comes to degradation and humiliation, too. I’m a master of the hour-long face fuck. I can deep throat with the best of them. CNC? Sure, lets! Primal play? Nnng! With me, it’s always “yes, sir. No, sir. Three bags full sir”… until…

“Did you cum without my permission?”


“Yes, sir.”

Are you going to stop that shit?

“No, sir.”

“You’re going to be punished for that.”

“Three bags full of ‘fuck you’ sir.”

I’m super subly when it comes to setting my hard limits. I give him free reign with as much as I can. I don’t negotiate based on what I enjoy. I only add to my limit list if there’s a serious reason to. It’s hardly selfless. I do it because it gets me off to do things I don’t want to with the right Dominant, but orgasm control is different. I need my orgasms as and when they come…

…until I’ve had enough. That’s one of the only times that you’ll ever hear me say

“No Stopstopstopstop.”

“Did you just say ‘no’ to me?”

“Yes, sir”

“Are you ready to fix that?”

“No, sir.”

“Move your hand out of the way.”

“Three bags full of ‘fuck you’ sir.”

Too many orgasms more unbearable than getting the buckle-side of a belt. By the time you’ve cum so much that it no longer even feels like cumming, those orgasms become the most exhausting anti-climaxes known to womankind. The sensation is akin to nails on a chalkboard for me. I fucking hate it.

I’ll never be one of those subs who cums on command. As for that ‘no touch rule’ I have when he’s not around? Well, that’ll be yet another three bags full of ‘fuck you’ sir. I might be submissive, but I’m the domme of my orgasms.

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