Pick Me Girl as Submissive

Being a sub is hard. Pick Me Girl knows it better than most because, back in 2010, she found herself with a master who required her to have fewer limits than flaws. And Pick Me Girl could count her limits on one hand because she was brand new to The Lifestyle™ and hadn’t had time to develop any. By the time she became his live-in slave, she’d been compared to every sub he had: She was his new and sparkly toy, and unlike them, she always got his permission for bathroom breaks, never used her safe word like they did, always fucked who he wanted her to, unlike them. That’s how she learned that boundaries and limits only get you ignored or disowned.


Yes, Pick Me is a special slave.  She’s always bleached, waxed, plucked, and made up. This much is clear from the 15 photographs she uploads to Fetlife each day. Pick Me can walk in bondage shoes without looking the least bit clumsy. Pick Me does two daily hours of yoga and can contort her body into a thousand shapes, all the better to be suspended in. Pick Me was willing to be scarified even when she’d only known her dom for a month. Pick Me knows that if she doesn’t offer total power exchange right from the start, she’d become undesirable.

Pick Me Girl learned the torture of submission in her first six months. Now, she has eight years behind her and every day, she asks herself why she’s putting herself through so much hell. Then she reminds herself she has a good master—hardly a common thing far as she could see. She really should develop more gratitude for the fact that he doesn’t take her limits away by force. Pick Me Girl’s master didn’t do that. Oh, no. Her master only shames her in a hundred covert ways for her insufferable humanness.

How dare she expect him to value her as an individual instead of a body? Was she submitting to him or manipulating him?

Pick Me Girl is proud for lasting this long, so she declares the depth of her submission at every turn. She tells strangers how power exchange is supposed to be, how their failure to submit makes them unworthy of a kink relationship.

She tells them they’re fakes, the lot of them because it makes her feel better about her complete inability to smile.

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