Speak Less, Listen More

Based on “Speak Less, Listen More” – origin unknown.

If you think that trauma is a disease based on weakness, speak less. Listen more.

If you think PTSD is a fire you walk into by choice, judge less. Learn more.

If you think rape is a word you choose in retrospect because you woke up next to someone who was too pale, too thin, too stupid to have fucked, stop speaking. Build a stronger connection with reality.

If you think suicide is selfish, listen to someone who’s been drawn to it. Just one. Just once. They will tell you about all the grief they felt on behalf of their loved ones and every day they held on for the sake of others. They’ll list every enth of suffering they endured, not for themselves, but for their families. Speak less. Love more.


If you believe depression is a choice, stop doling out advice to people with first-hand experience. Each and every person who has struggled with this disorder has earned an unofficial doctorate in mood disorders purely by existing. They will share their wisdom if you’ll just.



If you think gender dysphoria is caused by parents who choose too much pink or blue, stop giving ignorant speeches. Preach less. Read more.

If you think your cisgender identity is the only legitimate experience, moralise less. Accept more. Your privilege of being born in the right body is far from universal. Show more gratitude and less arrogance.

If you’ve never hated your body enough to hide away from the world, stop trying to rescue those who have with 10 cents advice and $1 cures. Ignorant help is no help at all until you’re able to listen more and sermonise less.

Those who lack your privilege do not lack your education, so stop shouting. Stop “teaching.” Stop judging. Be more.

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