#NotAllMen and Recipe Blogs: A Metaphor

Put the potatoes into a pan of boiling water.

Not all potatoes should be boiled.

Yes, but this dish is too rich for roast potatoes.

Not all curries have potatoes.

That’s right. Just last night, I cooked red curry with no potatoes at all.

I know most dishes use potatoes in the scheme of things, but I never do because I have a potato allergy.

Well, that’s just awesome because you can cook however you like. This is my recipe post, so I’m writing about my recipe.


But you should have mentioned that not all curries have potatoes.

Doesn’t that go without saying?

No. Far too many green curry recipes use boiled potatoes, and carb-free curries need to be represented.

Then why don’t you write a carb-free curry recipe in your blog?

Because I’m not the one talking about curry. You are.

But this is a recipe for a dish that came to mind this morning. If it was meant to represent all dishes that ever existed, it would be a million pages long, so I only write one recipe at a time. That way, when someone clicks into a green potato curry recipe, they get a green potato curry recipe.

But not all green curries have potatoes.

I think you should write a blog about that. I’d love to read some new Thai recipes. I’m not the internet’s official Thai recipe creator. I only write recipes that come to mind.

But not all recipes are Thai.

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