What Do I Want? Sex. When Do I Want it? Now.

Whether it’s 3 am and you woke me up a second ago or 14:00 in the middle of my work day, I will not be needing any lube, thanks. All I need is the first button of your jeans to be undone and I’m set. I’m That Woman Who’s Always Ready for Sex. My body turns on as easily as a light.

I’m completely besotted with every possible kind of fucking. Stick to my limits, love me afterwards, and we’ll do fine. Be an honourable dominant and I’ll be overjoyed. Honour is a rare thing. So are dominants. Add affection and you’ll get my unyielding devotion, but you’ll likely appreciate me more for that lube thing. It’s a pretty great feature even if I do say so myself.


Very little in this world is quite as delicious to me as knowing I will be used when and how a dominant sees fit. I want to be called on for a quick lunchtime shag. I want you to wake up with your cock in my mouth. I’ll be the last one to fall asleep at night just in case you have another shag left in you. I’m an okay girlfriend, a mediocre sub, and a Twue Slut. I don’t say no to sex with the man I’m in a relationship with.

You’ll probably never see me being flogged at a party. As far as I’m concerned, such things are foreplay. If I can’t have dessert at some point, I’m not going to bother with the hors d’oeuvres. I’m in this for the sex, and so profoundly that I literally cannot conceive of a reason there are people who play without sex. Your kink is not my kink et cetera but I don’t understand you. You’re fantastic, but I don’t get you.

There’s a reason I’m into power exchange. I don’t need to be touched in exactly this way at exactly this pace for exactly that long. My lust thrives on energy. It’s the unseen dynamic that makes this body so reliable. As long as we have that going on, we’re good.

That’s why I’m not likely to have casual hook-ups. Yes, yes, that’s not terribly slutty, but put me in a relationship and I become The Whore of Babylon. What do I want? Sex! When do I want it? Now!

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