How You Know it’s True Love

The paw prints on your freshly scrubbed floor give you happy feels.

You know his howl is the cutest on the entire street.

When he chews your stuff to shreds, all you can do about it is gaze at him lovingly.

Long walks around his favourite estuary have suddenly become the best part of your day. You’d sooner miss Game of Thrones than those. If he hates the beach, then dammit, you hate the beach.

Fuck the fashion police. Black trousers covered in tail fluff are sexy.

You’re willing to pick up a gross, gob-drenched tennis ball repeatedly for an hour.

You have to wash your hands a thousand times a day because of doggo hugs.

You give him the best part of the daybed. You can totally be comfortable in this teeny corner with all the cushions.

You wait for him to finish his half-hour-frolic in the flowers on your walks because look how cute.

You plan your human visits around stuff you can do with doggo.

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