Cheryl Zondi is a living example of how powerful a woman can become.

letters from sherry.

nervously make my way up the pearly-white staircase, naïve and not knowing what awaits me on the other side of the mysterious portal at the end of it.

I place my right hand on the golden knob and take a long, deep breath before I gather the courage to turn it, clockwise, and open the portal. I enter, left foot first, and it immediately feels as though I have walked into another dimensiona sinister one.

This room is so poorly lit.

“Lock the door,”his domineering voice instructs me.

I do as I am told without hesitation.

“Come here,” he says in a slightly friendlier tone.

I follow his voice and it leads me to a ponderous figure centred on a big, white bed with a dim lamp that gives the place a weak, reddish hue. It’s him. It’s daddy.

“How are…

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