If You’re New to Fetlife…

On the surface, Fetlife is a dark room that hosts orgies and films smut. We’re the Facebook of Pornhub, and we will show you our diamante-clad buttholes if it’s the last thing we do. This is a world in which the female body is drooled upon and the male body, pushed into your inbox alongside a remote control and a pair of dirty socks. Fet’s entry hall smells of cum and filthy laundry, but if you walk in a little deeper, we’ll show you a whole other room.

This is where we get bloody and scarred. Fetlife won’t introduce you to our kink lives on a subtle gradient. No. Here’s a scarrified torso, and here’s a pair of balls wrapped around an unidentified metal contraption. We don’t care if you’re just into a little light spanking. If you walk into the Gore Room by accident, you don’t get a trigger warning.


We keep abusers in the basement who have a nose for new and vulnerable subs. We host cultish masters and dudebros who are in search of their next wank fest. If you thought the entryway smelled bad, stay away from the dudebros. They don’t clean out their fridges or clean the sheets.

It gets a little odious ‘round here sometimes, but we also have a rose garden and a wrap-around porch. That’s where all the bloody and smutty bodies gather to show you their inner lives. They’ll tell you things that’ll melt away the last icy glaciers of your sexual shame. They’ll listen to the secrets you swore never to reveal, and so you will learn that your sexuality is not sick, but beautiful. You’ll arrive for the kink and stay for the friendship just as we all have. That sentence has become a cliche for excellent reason.

You’ll grow to cherish the parties, the kinky hikes, the exquisite rope. You’ll learn to love the diamante-clad buttholes for all they’ve taught you about sexual freedom and figure out which rooms to go into and which to avoid. Most of all, you’ll begin to build your own rooms: those that tell the story of your burgeoning kink life.

Fetlife’s house is a sprawling one because we all get to add to it. Some of us like to take out the dirty laundry, and some of us learn that we always had an inner smut star. You might become one of the orgy-esque people in front page porn clips or the scarrified torso on the porch. You can never tell what you might become in this house. Sexual freedom has a way of making you evolve into a creature you never realised you had the potential to become.

And that’s what makes this place beautiful. It’s what will make you stop calling it a house and start seeing it as home.

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