Things I Have to Say that Have Nothing to do with Getting Revenge on your Dom for Putting You on an Orgasm Diet

  • Can you melt down silicone? I’m just asking for an art project, and not because The Giant Buttplug™ might prefer life as a blue pancake. I mean, it probably would prefer living that way because nobody wants to be put into an ass on the regular, but who would ever kill a butt plug just to get revenge? Nobody.
  • It’s generally believed that it’s unsubmissive to force his computer spell out “space” every time he hits the space key. That’s why I’d never tell you the AutoHotKey scripts for that are #No TrayIcon and *Space::Send,SPACE. My lips are sealed.
  • Let’s say you stuck notes all over the house. And let’s assume for a second that those notes were spoilers for The Walking Dead. Let’s say your dom read all those spoilers. Would he give you a spanking? I guess he might, but I’m just asking as an exercise for my Kink Philosophy Class. I’m not suggesting you actually do all those things.


  • I mean if you’re into spankings, you could theoretically just throw glitter in his underwear drawer, which is way easier than writing out spoilers. Again, I’m not suggesting it, just thinking about it on an existential level.
  • For Geography Month, I learned that people in Reykjavik, Iceland, scatter teeny chocolate brownie crumbs they shaped to look like rat droppings around their doms’ favourite breakfast cereal. Just one more interesting piece of trivia for those who like learning about new cultures.
  • There’s such a thing as a Dvorak alternate keyboard that changes everything he types into random letters. Thanks for subscribing to Daily PC Factoids by NotSpanishRed. (This is not a link to the instructions, so don’t bother clicking it. It’s just another Rick Rolling URL.)
  • No, really. It’s Rick. Would I ever write a post that didn’t include a Rick Roll? Exactly.

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