Types of Fetlife Women

Doesn’t own a head or knees, as evidenced by these 50 billion photos of her torso from slightly different angles. Is probably not inspired by Boxing Helena.

Is so ropey she comes with Japanese subtitles.

Escaping bewb alert. Please send the bra police and a sammich for later.

Has been leaving Fetlife since 1938 but hasn’t said goodbye to everybody yet.

Is totally okay with you pulling her appendix out through her mouth, but thinks you should probably first come up with a safe, sane way to do it.

There is totally a safe, sane way to extract an appendix through a mouth.

Is too.


Is not an ordinary bottom like you, and is thus looking for a new title for her role. How about Alpha Sub?

Has been a brat so long her lungs have evolved to exhale glitter.

Loves cocks. Hates cock shots. This is only illogical to people who own cocks.

Can swallow the cum of 60, 000 men and squirt it out through her belly button. Will probably be giving out autographs later using her vagina to hold the pen.

Adores ancient Greek philosophers, especially Rick Astley.

Men are the real victims. Is free on Friday night, by the way. Just saying.

Has a 50-page SSC policy, signed in nipple blood. Is super into CNC but doesn’t suggest it.

Has no idea what BDSM is. Is just here to make her vulva famous.

Has developed calluses on her hip bones from wearing strap-ons, but stop whimpering. Fear cuts deeper than dildos.

Has made K&P and therefore has an Instagram page, Patreon, and this cute, autographed glory hole, on sale today at a 15% discount.

Owns this pair of stilettos, which is all that really matters.

Writes lists in Nutella. Would like to teach you about intersectionality while simultaneously whining.

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